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Eat delicious homestyle food from all over the world


The independent cooks in our marketplace are carefully vetted to ensure their deep cultural understanding resonates in all the traditional homestyle food they create. With recipes that have up to 100 years of cultural refinement, you simply won’t find these flavours anywhere else.



Our cooks use natural and original ingredients from traditional recipes. These ingredients are sourced from all over the world to ensure authentic flavours.

Polish Beet Soup or “Red Barszcz” is one of the most traditional polish soups and is commonly linked with Christmas celebrations in Poland. Its’ popular sour broth is flavoured with a touch of vinegar to balance out the sweet, earthy beets that are the base of the soup.


without leaving home

With our weekly delivery service, you can easily try traditionally made homestyle dishes from various cultures without ever leaving your home.

Chicken adobo is often considered the unofficial national dish in the Philippines among other adobo dishes. Historically, it was actually the Spaniards and Portuguese that introduced this dish to the Filipinos.

Just like

grandma used to make it

Exciting exotic food for one person can be wholesome comfort food for another. Enjoy hearty and nourishing meals guaranteed to take you back to childhood.

A common saying in Korea is “If you have kimchi and rice, you have a meal.” Because of this, the traditional Korean diet is generally low-fat and high-vegetable since kimchi has accounted for a significant percentage of food intake for Koreans in the past century.

Handcrafted & Natural

All our dishes are handcrafted by individual, independent cooks. Without the stress of a lunch or dinner rush, our meals are created naturally – without shortcuts  – and with our cook’s full attention.

It's practical too

For any size crowd

We have options for large groups, families, couples, and even individuals.


Deliveries happen every Sunday giving you consistency and peace of mind.


Whether it be to impress a date, in-laws, or your boss, or even if it’s just because you’re hosting board game night, traditional food from authentic recipes will always be a fit.




steeped in tradition

“It all started with my grandma. Two ladies working across the street smelled the food from her house and asked to buy it. After a month, she had people lining up, so she eventually had to get a place. Her business didn’t even have a name, people just called it ‘The Kitchen’”

– Denys from Mexico has been cooking for 11 years

original recipes and flavours

“For Polish Pickle Soup, you have to use polish-style pickles. These aren’t your typical Superstore vinegar-based pickles – there’s no vinegar. They’re in a salt brine – they’re cloudy and murky and doesn’t look like something you’d want to eat, but that’s the best kind of pickle!

– Vicki from Poland has been cooking for over 20 years

SHAPED BY culture

“I didn’t learn to make Kimchi from someone particularly, it was through being around people my whole life who made it, and I watched them and helped them, and that’s how I learned. Everyone made it. It was all natural to me.”

– Mrs. Lee from Korea has been cooking for 35 years