How it Works
The simplest way to eat traditional homestyle food made with original recipes and ingredients.

four simple steps

Ordering with us is easy. Follow the steps below and start enjoying flavours like you’ve never tasted before.


Plan for tasty traditional homestyle meals to be delivered right to your door. We suggest ordering enough servings for your week.

Choose your

Select your meals from a variety of independent cooks’ dishes categorized by country and region. Add dishes from as many cuisines as you like.

pick your servings & place YOUR order

Choose from serving options and look out for occasional sales from our cooks. Add to your cart and place your order. 

Receive your

Orders received by Tuesday at 11:59PM PST will be delivered on the same Sunday afternoon of that week. Orders made after that will be delivered the following Sunday.

Meals that make sense for you

Whether you’re  strapped for time, in the mood for something new, or you’re merely craving something that reminds you of home, My Soul Meals has  something for you.

FOODIES & Explorers

Try traditional homestyle food made with original recipes and ingredients. Choose from various independent cooks from various cultures and backgrounds across the globe.


Ditch the take-out and meal kits; plan your meals for the week with hearty, nourishing, and fully prepared meals that you can proudly feed to your family.

Those Missing Home

Revisit early childhood memories through wholesome comfort dishes reminiscent of grandma’s home cooking.